gcLi Leadership Lab



FVS was chosen because Gardner had been a graduate and found great success there, and FVS—as a fully mature and thriving institution—provided an ideal forum for the development of a program focused on leadership and teaching.

Initially, the endowment supported the professional development of the school’s faculty in leadership training. Quickly, however, the idea was born to build a program with a much larger scope. A research project was initiated to reframe the project, a strategic framework was set, and distinguished educators from across the nation were asked to join the dialogue.

In 2005, these efforts coalesced into the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute, which is dedicated to researching, developing and disseminating a pedagogy of leadership—research based methods, drawing from the fields of brain science, psychology, leadership theory, and teaching and learning, by which teachers can help young people learn to lead.

Learn more by reading our gcLi Founding White Paper.