The Leadership Journey – The Ethical Leadership Summer Institute at The Masters School

Lee Dieck Leadership Programs, Regional Labs

“The vision is, first, that the school will be a community, a place full of adults and youngsters who care about, look after, and root for one another and who work together for the good of the whole, in times of need and times of celebration. Every member of a community holds some responsibility for the welfare of every other and for the welfare of the community as a whole.”
-Roland Barth

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AISNE Workshop: The Art & Practice of Teaching Leadership

Chris Howes Leadership Programs, Regional Labs

Mr. Chris Howes, gcLi Scholar ‘12, Dean of Student Life, Cushing Academy

Learning to Lead: The Art and Practice of Teaching Leadership was a workshop put on by a group of gcLi alumni in January 2017 through the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE). Although some had never met, what united the eight organizers was their shared experience at gcLi and their passion for developing cultures of student leadership. The group consisted of Chris Howes, Meg Stowe, Jess Matzkin, Danielle Llewelyn, Kate Wade, Laura Jalinskas, Sarah Wolf, and