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Jennifer Guarnaccia, LL ‘23 Scholar, Proust Questionnaire

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Getting to know a 2023 Lab Scholar – Jennifer Guarnaccia

by Jennifer Guarnaccia, Director of Leadership Initiatives, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School in Gwynedd, PA

1. Who are your favorite writers? 

Michelle Obama and Angela Duckworth. Being a working mom, staying positive and successful in this crazy world is hard. Listening to how they balance and learn how to be steady. 

2. Who are your heroes in real life? 

I actually have two. My mom, Celine Cervone. She has faced such hardship most of her life, but tried to stay true to her values and beliefs. The second real-life hero is Cathe Shoulberg, RSM.  She was my grade school principal and my children’s principal as well. She is fun and amazing to be with. She inspires me to be a better person.

3. Who or what motivated you to become an educator? 

My children. Olivia, Bella, and David. They inspire me to develop and create leadership programs that can help the world they will be living in.

4. Your idea of happiness…

Simple pleasures–drinking the perfect cup of coffee in the a.m., when the sun rises. Being able to be present at the moment makes me happy. Watching my children and husband smile creates my happiness.

5. In a nutshell, what is your definition of leadership?


6. What do you most value in your friends?

My college friends are so loyal to me and my family. We can be 1000 miles apart, and they are always there for me.

7. What do you do for self-renewal?

I will pause on a situation and try to break that habit. I surround myself with good people. I enjoy working at Gwynedd Mercy Academy HS because they are amazing people and support me.

8. Who is your hero/ heroine of fiction? 

Sally Field in Steel Magnolias

9. What is your current state of mind? 

Peaceful!  My mom passed away on Valentine’s Day. She was sick for many years. It put so much stress on me, my brother, and my family. Just kinda breathing and enjoying the calmness at this time in my life.

Jennifer Cervone Guarnaccia is the Director, an alumna, and current parent that oversees all Leadership Initiatives at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. She is currently a four-year member of the Alumnae Board. Jennifer is serving her sixth year on the Enrollment Board, governed by the Board of Trustees. Jennifer is the creator of the L.E.A.D. department at Gwynedd Mercy. This leadership program has grown to include teaching all leadership levels, creating internships, externships, a leadership course focusing on emotional intelligence and launched a distinguished speaker series, focusing on women empowerment. Jennifer manages the Leadership Advisory Council for Gwynedd Mercy High School which researches the best possible professional skills young women need. Jennifer developed the first professional development program partnering with Gardner Carney Leadership Lab on site. Gwynedd Mercy will be the first high school that all faculty and staff will be certified in leadership. When she is not at school, you will find Jennifer with her true loves, her husband David with their three children, Olivia. Bella and David Jr. Jennifer is an avid Burn Boot Camp enthusiast, enjoys cooking, and spending time at the beach with her family.