Collaboration & Community

Certification Program


To teach leadership effectively, educators need a collection of skills and tools. As teaching leadership is an “adaptive challenge”, the skills and tools are designed to be used in numerous ways and at the discretion and judgment of the teacher. The teacher is always thinking about how to effectively structure the learning experience for students.


"The biggest takeaway for me was an increased awareness and attunement to the effects of personality-type differences (i.e., extrovert vs. introvert) on group dynamics, learning, etc. As an extrovert, I have since been making very conscious efforts to "make room for the introvert" in each and every social setting!”
– Daniel, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School

“The exercises and the flow of the program worked well between frustration (that our students go thru, i.e. helium stick trust exercise) and the camaraderie that well-formed teams exhibit (desert survival exercise amongst our team) to demonstrate how leadership is key to both strategies.”
– Kimberly, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School

“The gcLi certification program has truly been a blessing to our school. Bringing gcLi into our school and seeing how they tailored the program for our faculty and staff has been so wonderful, I can see the a-ha moments happening. We all have a common vocabulary and understanding of the Pedagogy of Leadership® to help us work together to educate our students, the future leaders of our community and world”
– Erin, Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School

The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (gcLi) believes that leadership is a life skill that should be considered essential to education. It is a practice whose essential elements can be understood, articulated, and learned. That learning best happens in the day-to-day functionality of the school environment, utilizing the interactions, programs, structures and systems already in place to help every student learn to lead.

Schools seek to create mature graduates who are prepared to lead with humility, resilience and compassion. To achieve that goal, the gcLi trains entire school faculties in the Pedagogy of Leadership® so that they can become intentional and strategic as they guide students toward becoming deliberate and dynamic leaders. Consistency in interactions between faculty and students creates a strong and trusting school culture that enables all students to achieve their potential as leaders.

Please contact gcLi Executive Director, Jeremy LaCasse for more information.