Deadline to Apply January, 15, 2024






“I have been able to translate readings, class activities, and connections with colleagues and professors directly into my practice at my school on a regular basis - which is exactly what I hoped this program would be. I am so grateful for the gcLi grant to support my growth as a school leader and for the experience I gained in the Leadership Lab to jump start this whole journey for me.”
– Lea H. | 2022 Grant Recipient

“I could not recommend the gcLi and their partnership with UPenn SLP more enthusiastically”
– Kelsey S. | 2021 Grant Recipient

“The cohort, approach, and dedicated faculty and mentors, utilize timely opportunities and experiences to build one's capacity and provide reflection to support a leader's growth and development”
– Joshua D. | 2020 Grant Recipient

“The School Leadership Program has challenged me to think deeply about leadership while forging deep and meaningful relationships with my cohort and professors. As a teacher, I am excited to bring this knowledge back to my classroom to benefit my students and my larger school community.”
– Stephanie N. | 2019 Grant Recipient

“The Leadership Lab and UPenn GSE are helping me to develop into a more knowledgeable and accomplished leader, prepared to facilitate and nurture the growth of leadership in all of the students – and colleagues – with whom I interact”
– Ben J. | 2018 Grant Recipient

“The cohort format of the program was invaluable…”
– Lisa S. | 2017 Grant Recipient

“The gcLi scholarship changed my life…working with Professor Ball and his team of experts was wholly transformational.”
– Kate W. | 2016 Grant Recipient

Over the past 18 years, gcLi’s commitment to educating teachers about the Pedagogy of Leadership® has created a network of dedicated professionals. To further aid and inspire committed educators, The GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (gcLi) is proud to announce a $10,000 gcLi Grant award, offered in collaboration with $10,000 from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, to the Masters in School Leadership Program at PennGSE. It is a privilege to be working again with Dr. Earl Ball and Dr. Steve Piltch – leaders in independent school education for over 30 years and a great mentors of other leaders.

At the gcLi, we believe leadership can be taught. PennGSE’S School Leadership program is unique with its emphasis on cohort learning, mentoring, and engagement of both private and public educators. Graduates call the program “transformative” and credit it with opening professional doors, and inclusion in an unparalleled network of professionals.

Applicants must have attended the gcLi Leadership Lab in order to apply. All 2024 grant applicants should email their inquiry directly to gcLi Executive Director, Jeremy LaCasse.

Please visit PennGSE’s website to learn more about this unique and diverse program