If you’re new to the Leadership Lab or are a Lab grad and want a refresher, over the course of three weeks through the gcLi Virtual Leadership Program you’ll learn essential components of the Pedagogy of Leadership®:

1. How student brain function influences behavior and learning
2. Giving and receiving feedback
3. Teachable moments




Educating Teachers to Teach Leadership to Students



Our vision is a world where PK-12 teachers intentionally develop the leadership potential of their students


April 10, 17, 24 - 3:30 pm- 5:30 Pacific, 6:30- 8:30 Eastern


  • To Speak Honestly from your perspective about your strengths and challenges as a leader
  • To model selective vulnerability
  • To give and receive feedback
  • Ways in which student brain function influences behavior and learning


  • The importance of creating shared values for highly functional teams
  • Essential elements to promote the effective functionality of a group
  • To give and receive feedback
  • The difference between brainstorming and brain writing as they relate to boosting creativity on teams


  • Create a holding environment where participants can reveal themselves and where they all can feel connected, seen and heard
  • Recognize and capitalize on teachable moments
  • Think more expansively about concrete dilemmas
  • Co-create responses to challenges in both personal and school lives

Building Student Leaders, a gcLi Virtual Program

Empower students to become leaders who effect positive change

We have an urgent need to cultivate the leadership potential of all of our students. When we ask our students to define leadership, they often hold an enduring cultural bias. They typically believe that leadership involves setting a specific example of an extroverted person who gives orders to others. In fact, any person can lead, and everyone can acquire the broad range of skills and behaviors necessary to lead a group effectively.

Part workshop, part webinar, this is a professional learning cohort experience that will enable you to work with others to create a more inclusive culture of leadership at your school and engage in the Pedagogy of Leadership®. You will:

  • Learn strategies to teach students how to lead with self-awareness, resilience, humility and compassion.
  • Practice using a treasure trove of resources and tactics for teaching leadership in a school setting.

Your work will serve as a model for enhancing your student leadership program in your home school


Session One:  Self-Awareness, A Personal Framework for Promoting Student Leadership:  Who am I?  What are my Strengths? How do I Recharge?

In the first session, you explore ways to help students become more self-aware by exploring your own identity as an introvert or extrovert, your leadership strengths, ways to step outside your comfort zones, and strategies for both modeling selective vulnerability and restoring your energy.

Session Two:  Fostering Safety on Your Team: Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

In this second session, you learn effective strategies for giving and receiving feedback so as to promote excellence in others and foster trust amongst members of a group. Teachers who engage authentically with students - providing guiding and well constructed feedback and utilizing the feedback they receive to better support students and structure learning experiences - are best positioned to help students learn to lead. We immerse you in a real world simulation, allowing you to take the initiative. Experientially, you discover what it means to lead with humility so that you can set the stage for your students to do the same.

Session Three: Creating and Capitalizing on Teachable Moments: Case Studies and Open Session

In this third session, you experience ways to engage with students so that they will be able to lead their peers in problem-solving techniques that are grounded in both empathy and courage. You are in a position to empower your students to create a holding environment so all participants feel connected, seen and heard.

Collectively, these tools and tactics for teaching leadership set the stage for utilizing shared experiences as an opportunity to explore and develop leadership behaviors.


$600 per person
$550 for groups of 3 to 5


April 10, 17, 24 - 3:30 pm- 5:30 Pacific, 6:30- 8:30 Eastern

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