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Raise Your Hand High: Shaping Future Female Leaders

Kelsey Schroeder Girls Leadership, Leadership Programs, Pedagogy Of Leadership®

Kelsey Twist Schroeder, gcLi Faculty & EdD Candidate University of Pennsylvania

“Who in this room considers herself a leader?” This was the question my fifth grade teacher posed to the class in our first week of school over twenty years ago. I was a new student in an all-girls school, and as I raised my hand, I glanced around the room to see that every other girl’s hand reached toward the ceiling as well. Sitting in a sea of outstretched arms, I recognized that not only was it alright to be a girl and a leader

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AISNE Workshop: The Art & Practice of Teaching Leadership

Chris Howes Leadership Programs, Regional Labs

Mr. Chris Howes, gcLi Scholar ‘12, Dean of Student Life, Cushing Academy

Learning to Lead: The Art and Practice of Teaching Leadership was a workshop put on by a group of gcLi alumni in January 2017 through the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE). Although some had never met, what united the eight organizers was their shared experience at gcLi and their passion for developing cultures of student leadership. The group consisted of Chris Howes, Meg Stowe, Jess Matzkin, Danielle Llewelyn, Kate Wade, Laura Jalinskas, Sarah Wolf, and

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Bees for BARCS: Building a Culture of Student Leadership

Jay Parker Leadership Programs, Pedagogy Of Leadership®

Jay Parker, gcLi Quarterly Executive Editor and gcLi Scholar ‘17 Director of Student Life, Calvert School

At the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute, we often discuss creating a “culture of student leadership,” but what does this actually look like? At the foundation lies a group of teachers and administrators who care deeply about student growth. They not only share a common purpose in empowering young people but recognize that the process is as important as the goal. Failure is acceptable—and often essential—in the learning experience. It is this belief in the process of leadership work that allows a group of adults to

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gcLibrary – Benedict Carey’s How We Learn

Mia Franz gcLi Book Review

Mia Franz, English Teacher, Tampa Preparatory School

In his new work, How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens, Benedict Carey, a New York Times science reporter, makes a strong case for reconsidering all of the things we thought we knew about how to study, learn, and retain information most effectively and productively. Striving to make complex scientific and psychological ideas accessible to the casual reader, Carey succeeds in laying out his case and backing it up with specific research and studies. The good news